I Am Seeing ‘That Man’ Who Will Free You From Slavery (Prediction by Allama Iqbal)

Allama Iqbal’s Persian poetry is full of future predictions. Here this couplet is presented along with complete Ghazal, Other couplets are really eyeopener for the youth of Pakistan.

Book: Zabur-e-Ajam: Part 2, Ghazal 57 (Couplet No. 6)
Please also read this at Iqbalurdu blog here
English Translation:

1. Like a tulip’s flame I burn, In your presence as I turn;
    By my life, and yours, I swear Youth of Persia (Non-Arab) ever fair!
2. I have dived, and dived again, With my thoughts into life’s brain
Until I prevailed to find, Every secret of your mind.
3. Sun and moon—I gazed on these, Far beyond the Pleiades (Star Cluster),
And rebuilt a sanctuary, In your infidelity.
4. I have twisted well the blade, Till its edge was sharper made;
Pale the gleam and lusterless, Wasted in your wilderness.
5. My thought’s images dispense, To the Orient’s indigence
The bright ruby that I gain, From your mines of Badakhshan.

6. Comes the man, to free at last, Slaves confined in fetters fast;
Through the windows in the wall, Of your prison I see all.

7. Make a ring about me now; In my Heart fire’s aglow

    That your forebears lit one day, Things of water and of clay.

Source: Spiritual Future Pakistan


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