Spiritual Pakistan – Past, Present and Future

Pakistan is not just a piece of land, its not just a map carved on the world, its something else, something special and that I will try to figure out in this piece of writing, in which many questions will be raised and answered gradually.
The Creation:
 The making of Pakistan took place in difficult situation, Pakistan was created when the 3/4th of the total population were non-Muslims, even among the Muslims there were congressi Mullahs and their followers who were never in favour of it.
How in the world were such a weak minority able to achieve this huge goal?

The Muslims were blessed with a leader, who was apparently an English man, who was unaware of the crook political mafia. The best quality of that person was that he had a character; a never-altering character. His name was Muhammad Ali Jinnah, even his name was a combination of ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Ali’, one was the city of knowledge, and other was the door to the city of knowledge (Bab-ul-ilm)

Although he looked like an English man, still had support of many prominent Muslims like Pir Jamaat Ali Shah and Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.
Why were such great personalities supporting him?
Once the grandson of the Khan of Kalat said live on T.V that he has been told by his elders that Aaqa (s.a.w.w) came in the dream of his grandfather just before partition ordering him to opt for Pakistan
In 1930’s, when the great Quaid decided to left off politics but was later persuaded by Baba Iqbal (R.A) that the Muslim ummah cannot afford to lose a man of his calibre, Quaid shared a secret with some of his very critical friends, that it was not totally  because of Iqbal’s initiative that he returned to Pakistan but once Aaqa (s.a.w.w) came to meet him while he was ‘awake’ and in his full conscious, and ordered him to return back to sub-continent as he had to complete his spiritually assigned task!
Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, a well-known scholar, was against Baba Quaid, but after Quaid’s death, he came forward to lead his funeral prayers.
He was questioned by people about this contradictory step, he told:
“Last night, I saw a dream, Aaqa(s.a.w.w) was sitting with Sahaba (R.A) sitting beside while one seating was empty, I inquired about it, Aaqa(s.a.w.w) replied ‘Jinnah will sit here’
Co-incidence or Spiritual Inclination?
 Baba Quaid once said:
“Pakistan came into being when the first person of this soil became Muslim”
Physically, Pakistan came into being on Friday, 14th August 1947, while on 27th Ramadhan 1366, according to the Hijra Calendar, probably Shab-e-Qadar (Night of Blessings), a night better than thousands of months, a night in which revelation of Quran completed!
Many mindless people call this a mere co-incidence,
Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani is reported to have once said:
“This is not just a co-incidence but a spiritual inclination with which this country has been blessed”
Now let us see, what men of Allah; Soldiers of Allah have revealed about the spiritual aspect of this Pak Sarzameen.
Nishat-e-Saniya(The second Revival):
There used to be a righteous lady at the time of Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) as described in Alakh Nagri, She was a ‘SEER’ i.e. a person who can see some parts of the future with the divine blessing. Her name was ‘Atiya Bibi’. Cutting it short, let me elaborate precisely a happening in which she tell Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) about some very important future predictions, the translated summary of what she said is as following:
“I’m very happy today, there is a wave of happiness and delight up there in the Heavens, Aaqa (s.a.w.w) is dress like a bridegroom, he is wearing rose garlands, rose petals are being sprinkled every where,
They say that the second revival of Islam is about to begin, Earth and Heavens will come close to each other, Pakistan will be the centre of this revival, I am watching that the chair of President of Pakistan is vacant with a black flag on it, the person who will occupy it will be very strict, he will have a thick beard and green eyes, he will change Pakistan. I am watching that a bloody war in around the corner, East Pakistan will no more remain a part of us, we will capture Kashmir, the territory of Pakistan will enhance and Delhi will be a part of Pakistan soon”
She continued;
“Till date, I never guarantee whether my predictions are accurate, but The Second Revival is destined to happen whether today or after 40 years, Pakistan will be the focal point of this revival, this verdict is final”
After knowing this, a question will arise in every common Pakistani’s mind “Why is Pakistani so much important?” Whether it is because we are Muslims, but there are several other Muslim countries, and many among us are Muslims by name only, Then, Why?
Yes! There is one quality in us that makes us different, we have passion for Islam, we have passion for Aaqa (s.a.w.w)!
 Men of Allah say that “never be worried about Pakistan, Allah is there to save Pakistan from evils, just keep in mind, that before taking any step in your life, make sure that it doesn’t harm Pakistan in any way”
Qudratullah Shahab (R.A):
The complete life of Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) has been passed while serving Pakistan, Just after creation, Pakistan needed some patriots, who can work day and night for Pakistan and make it prospering nation, and Pakistan was blessed with people like Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) who made this dream come true and worked for making Pakistan a practical Islamic country, The seed sown by Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) is the real driving force for the patriots of this country to strive for an Islamic law and government in the country.
Here I am presenting an excerpt from Shahabnama that will explain it in a better way:
“After the passing of 1962 constitution, I noticed something peculiar that in all the documents of the government, the word ‘Islam’ was not written with the name of Pakistan. First, I thought that it might be an error in the drafting, but after some days I came to know that the error was repeated several times and it seemed more intentional than unintentional. I wrote a note to President Ayub Khan to allow me to write a letter to all the ministries about this frequent error. One evening, He came to me and told me that it is not an error but we have taken this decision with a general consensus.
President Ayub Khan told me that the name of Pakistan will be “Republic of Pakistan” instead of “Islamic Republic of Pakistan“. If I had the courage, I would have asked him : “Who are you to eliminate the word ‘Islam’ from the name of Pakistan?” However I came back home and wrote a two pages note, the summary of which is as following:

Pakistan has no escape from Islam. The history of this country is very old but its geography is new. The Red-cliff line between Pakistan and India was drawn for the purpose that we acquired this piece of land on the name of Islam. If now Islam is erased from the name of Pakistan, the limitation of this line will have no meaning. We became Pakistan for the sole reason that we are Muslims. If Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey eliminate Islam from their lives, they would still retain their identity as Afghans, Irani, Egyptian, Iraqi and Turks. But if we, Pakistanis, try to escape from Islam, Pakistan will not have any distinction of its own. Now, if Islam suits our luxurious life or not, Islam fits to our way of life or not, We personally follow Islam or not, the truth is that whether for the sake of saving our hereafter or for the worldly profit and selfishness, we are compelled to keep Pakistan and Islam parallel to each other for the sake of the long lasting of Pakistan. Due to the illiteracy of others, there is no need to go into the inferiority complex yourself.

In addition to this note, I also wrote a resignation letter to resign if this note is not accepted. Next Day President Ayub came to me to tell me something, He sat infront of me and took that note from my hand and started reading it. After reading few sentences, his facial expressions changed suddenly and he started reading from the beginning again.Then he said slowly: “Yes, Right You Are” and repeated this sentence again, and hence the word ‘Islam’ was added to the name of Pakistan.”
(Excerpt from Shahabnama)
This clearly shows that Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) was assigned the task spiritually to make Pakistan an Islamic country.
Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) writes in Shahabnama that while he was an ambassador in Holand, he went to the central library, where he found some very old transcripts of Hazrat Bari Imam (R.A). Hazrat Bari Imam (R.A) wrote about three hundred years ago that a new city will be built near the village of NoorPur and it will become the centre of Islamic world, today that city is known as Islamabad, which is few miles away from Noorpur, the resting place of Hazrat Bari Imam (R.A).
It is interesting to mention here that there are only two cities in the world with the word ‘Islam’ in its name. Islamabad while the other is Istanbul, which was originally named “Islambol” by Sultan Fateh after he captured it back in 1453.
Sufi Barkat Ali (R.A) :
Sufi Barkat Ali is a well-known saint, he always explained the greatness of Pakistan to his subjects, He used to say:
“Listen O’ people, a day will come when UNO will ask Pakistan before taking any step whatsoever, I may not remain alive till that time, but if it doesn’t happen, then come and spit on my grave”

This is a very big claim by a Sufi! What is Pakistan? Why people talk about its greatness? What is so much special about this land?
Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) once said that the Men of Allah don’t do such big claims until they are given 100% assurance from the divine!
Detailed article HERE
Mumtaz Mufti:
Mumtaz Mufti writes that once he went to India, a Sikh lady came up to him and asked in Punjabi, “Are you from Pakistan?”
Mufti answered; “Yes, but how come you know bibi?”
The lady took Mufti to the nearby market and said:
“Look at all the faces, they are cursed, there is no life in them, but your face doesn’t match to any of them, your face is full of light (noor), full of life, only Pakistanis have such faces. Your country has all the best things of the world; I don’t know what’s happening”
Naimatullah Shah Wali (R.A):
The Muslims were very well aware of the predictions of this great saint from Kashmir in the pre-partition time; the common people knew these predictions long before partition. These predictions are in the form of Persian stanzas which can be downloaded and read from HERE.
Many of these predictions came true in the past such as the world wars, war of independence and finally the partition of sub-continent.
The English government banned the publishing of these predictions. These predictions very well describe the past, present and future of Pakistan as well as the Nishat-e-Saniya (The Second Revival)
Hazrat Imdad Mahajar Makki (R.A):
The great waliullah commonly known as Hazrat Imdad Mahajar Makki (R.A) took part in the War of Independence. He captured a piece of land and imposed the Islamic law in it, When the English government became powerful, they besieged the territory captured by Hazrat Imdad Mahajar Makki (R.A) and arrested him, while they were taking Hazrat Imdad Mahajar Makki (R.A) to jail, a man stepped in their way and told him “your effort will not be wasted, the seed that you have sown will bear fruit after ninety years”
History bears witness that exactly after ninety years, Pakistan came into existence, and it should also be emphasized that Pakistan is meant to be an Islamic country having an Islamic law just like Hazrat Imdad Mahajar Makki (R.A) established.
The last mureed of Hazrat Imdad Mahajar Makki (R.A) Mr. Haji Abdul Mabood who died at the age of 140 and took part in the war of independence confirmed this incident.
Its is important to mention here that War of Independence was a spiritual persuasion for Muslims as they thought that the prediction of Naimatullah Shah Wali (R.A) about the creation of Pakistan were meant for this time, it wasn’t a ‘mutiny’ as called by some mouthpieces of the British government at that time e.g. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
Its should also be made clear that Pakistan was not made by British government to fulfil their colonial desires but made by spiritual blessings particularly for the second revival of Islam.
Ashfaq Ahmad (R.A):
Ashfaq Ahmad once said in his program ‘Zavia’
This country, this Pakistan is the camel of Hazrat Saleh (R.A), its respect and dignity is obligatory for us. Don’t respect the government,don’t listen to them, criticize them in any way you like, i have no concern with that, BUT if you speak against this land, you will be held accountable and Allah’s wrath will be upon you. Alhamdulillah, till now no one has spoken against this country (the time when the program was recorded)…. and if you find such a dirty minded person who say a minor word against Quaid-e-azam, go and see him from near, he won’t the one giving something to this country, but the one taking!….
Click HERE
The Spiritual aspects of 1965 war:
It is notable to mention here some of the very interesting happenings, the witless secularists still call them mere rumours , but Men of Allah call them spiritual blessings, let me quote some here:
  • There was a saint  of Lahore who never spoke in his entire life, but during the war, he used to scream in the streets saying that “Allah’s help is with us, don’t panic, the victory is ours.”
  • People arriving from Sialkot told that they saw several cavaliers dressed in white, swords in hand, briskly moving across the no-man’s land.
  • A letter was received from Madina, that the day when the war started, 2 people saw Aaqa (s.a.w.w) in their dream who was in a hurry sitting on the back of a horse, when inquired, Aaqa (s.a.w.w) replied, “I am going for Jihad in Pakistan”
  • A person who was on duty in P.A.F Peshawar told that a bomb fell on a petrol tank, instead of detonating, got fused.
  • Chawinda battlefront, a place near Sialkot, which is famous for the biggest War Tanks Battle in history, was attacked by Indian foot soldiers but retreated after noting that there were no signs of Pak Army in that area, they thought that it is just a battle strategy and once they are well inside the Pakistani territory, Pak Army will attack them from all four sides. In reality, there was  not a single Pakistani soldier deployed in that area.
  • A P.A.F employee told that several bombs were dropped on the Sargodha Air Base, out of which only two exploded and that too were very far away from their targets!
  • 21 bombs were dropped in the city of Rawalpindi, out of which only 5 detonated.
The War captives from Indian Army revealed some astonishing facts. They were reported to have said that the army of swords harmed them a lot, their swords used to fire thunderbolts. The captives from Sialkot battlefield asked about the white-dressed soldiers.
Reaction of Indian pilots:

·         A son of a person, who was XEN in India, was a pilot and was a war captive after he bailed out from his jet. He said that he was informed to bail out without any reason, he could not see a single Pakistani jet around him, and He got confused and bailed out.

Muhammad Mehmood Alam, commonly known as M.M Alam, who shot down 5 Indian jets in 30 seconds making a world record.
·         Another pilot said that he was ordered to destroy the bridge over river Ravi, when he reached the target, he was amazed to see that instead of one, there were six bridges.
·         A pilot told, that they were about to attack the city of Dwarka, the sky was clear and there were no sign of cloud, as soon as they reached Dwarka, black clouds appeared out of nowhere, and hid the city from them.
Detailed article HERE
This Qutba placed at SSG HQ Cherat very well defines our ultimate goals

All the above material is enough to give you all an idea that Pakistan is Aaqa (s.a.w.w)’s gift for this ummah, and it will always stand in the way of all the evil and satanic forces of the world. Its not a luck that we are the only Nuclear Muslim power of the world, but we have been specially assigned this great task of eliminating all the filth from the world, and free all the oppressed Muslim lands, i.e Palestine, Kashmir, Chechen, Bosnia, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Egypt and many others, half of our task was completed when we freed six Muslim Central Asian states, defeating a super power.
The second task i.e. the re-establishment of Khilafah is still to happen and destined to happen inshaAllah.

One thing that Pakistanis need to keep in mind is, never ever disrespect this land, or you will doomed, both in this world and in the hereafter! If you turn the pages of history and see what happened to those who tried to mess with this Pak Sarzameen, you will get a very good idea about it. The fate of Gandhi, Sheikh Mujib and Bhutto family is an open example!

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  1. AMAZING .. its sad that many ppl dont have faith and dont believe in Pakistan and our forefathers … IA ALLAH will give them faith!

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  3. amazing… nice work..keep it up

  4. JazakAllah bhai. Excellent effort

  5. mashallah a great effort to bring everything together…

    May Allah bless Zaid Hamid sb. to bring all this to our knowledge at this day and age and make the youth and the world aware of these facts that Kufr has tried hard to suppress


  6. Amazing… i really felt goose bumps while reading this post.. hatt off to you ..!! Great work

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