Syed Sarfaraz Shah sahab predicting future of Pakistan

Syed Sarfaraz Shah sahab is a great saint of Allah and sahib-e-Kashf (The lifting of veil from future) and sahib-e-dua as described in Alakh Nagri by Mumtaz Mufti sahab, here is the extract from the last page of Alakh Nagri describing Syed Sarfaraz Shah Sahab:

Below Extract is from Book: Talash by Mumtaz Mufti (1995)
Mufti wrote Talash after Alakh Nagri, Talash published in Sept 1995.

An Article written by Dr. Safdar Mehmood quoting Syed Sarfaraz Shah sahab

English Translation:

Dr. Safdar Mehmood first mentions about an astrologer S.B. who lives in Canada in these days but basically he is a Pakistani. When that expert astrologer came back in Pakistan in July 2010, he met with Dr. Safdar Mehmood and told him about Pakistan future. That astrologer said,

“Dr. Sahib, I am seeing some positive changes in sky through astrology, Nature is going to be kind on Pakistan, and Insha’Allah Pakistan’s current situation will be changed.  Hope and confidence will overcome desperation and the sun of Justice will rise.”

He further explained,

“Change has come on sky but it still remains to come on earth. In next few months, current political System and Leaders will be replaced. Extremely loyal, honest and capable young people will come into power suddenly (unexpectedly) they will remain as rulers for two and half years, they will finish (fix) corruption, lawlessness and poverty. True accountability will be set up, Stability will come in country, and a new era of prosperity will start. Betterment in economy will also start and Pakistan will get respect and honor at International level. Judiciary will become stronger after some time and Judiciary will become source of better changes. Army will not come at stage; it will work behind the scene”

Astrologer is constantly saying those honest and capable leaders as saviors of country, he told more things to Dr. Safdar Mehmood but according to Dr Safdar Mehmood, he will open these when time will come.

2. Second person ‘Shah Jee’ is a friend & school fellow of Dr. Safdar Mehmood. He is very honest and noble man, and has knowledge of astrology or something else. He also told about the news of Sky.

According to Shah Jee:

“Current political setup will be changed in next few months; a caretaker government will come into power for two and half years. These new rulers will be very honest, loyal and hardworking who will solve problems of the country. Economy will start getting prosper. From the end of 2011, peace and stability period will start in Pakistan. In 2012, Pakistan will rise as stable and financially steady country and will get reputation globally. From July to November judiciary will be pressurized but after November justice and judiciary will rule the country. Government change will come though Judiciary and with the will of God, Judiciary and parliament will rise as strong Institutions in 2012. Also, in 2011, these is a chance of racial riots and bloodshed in America after which America will become weak, and in 2012 America will not remain as superpower and internal division will start in America.”

Written by Dr. Safdar Mehmood, (Published in Daily Jang on 13th July, 2010)


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