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Spiritual Aspect of 1965 War

English Translation of some paragraphs:

It is notable to mention here some of the very interesting happenings, the witless secularists still call them mere rumours , but Men of Allah call them spiritual blessings, let me quote some here:

  • There was a rsaint of Lahore who never spoke in his entire life, but during the war, he used to scream in the streets saying that “Allah’s help is with us, don’t panic, the victory is ours.”
  • People arriving from Sialkot told that they saw several cavaliers dressed in white, swords in hand, briskly moving across the no-man’s land.
  • A letter was received from Madina, that the day when the war started, 2 people saw Aaqa (s.a.w.w) in their dream who was in a hurry sitting on the back of a horse, when inquired, Aaqa (s.a.w.w) replied, “I am going for Jihad in Pakistan”
  • A person who was on duty in P.A.F Peshawar told that a bomb fell on a petrol tank, instead of detonating, got fused.
  • Chawinda battlefront, a place near Sialkot, which is famous for the biggest War Tanks Battle in history, was attacked by Indian foot soldiers but retreated after noting that there were no signs of Pak Army in that area, they thought that it is just a battle strategy and once they are well inside the Pakistani territory, Pak Army will attack them from all four sides. In reality, there was  not a single Pakistani soldier deployed in that area.
  • A P.A.F employee told that several bombs were dropped on the Sargodha Air Base, out of which only two exploded and that too were very far away from their targets!
  • 21 bombs were dropped in the city of Rawalpindi, out of which only 5 detonated.

The War captives from Indian Army revealed some astonishing facts. They were reported to have said that the army of swords harmed them a lot, their swords used to fire thunderbolts. The captives from Sialkot battlefield asked about the white-dressed soldiers.

Reaction of Indian pilots:

·         A son of a person, who was XEN in India, was a pilot and was a war captive after he bailed out from his jet. He said that he was informed to bail out without any reason, he could not see a single Pakistani jet around him, and He got confused and bailed out.

·         Another pilot said that he was ordered to destroy the bridge over river Ravi, when he reached the target, he was amazed to see that instead of one, there were six bridges.

·         A pilot told, that they were about to attack the city of Dwarka, the sky was clear and there were no sign of cloud, as soon as they reached Dwarka, black clouds appeared out of nowhere, and hid the city from them.

Labbaik– 1975

Pyaz K Chilkay:


Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) write in Shahabnama that when Ayub Khan visited Baitullah Shareef, he was with him, its fact that any  prayer offered in Batiullah Shareef is not rejected, Ayub Khan prayed to Allah, that May India  be never be able to overcome Pakistan or surpress, Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) says that the prayer was answered and Pakistan won the 1965 battle.